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laos 9/4-9/6

yay! i thought i was unable to update from china but i was mistaken.

returning to laos brought back wonderful and funny memories of my visit last summer. despite my love for this beautiful and friendly country, we just spent a few days adventuring and passing through the north.

we had an exciting bus journey from the border to luang nam tha! our bus driver was in a big hurry to get through the winding, hilly roads. some orange-red liquid spilled from our bus and onto the road; we were stopped for some temporary tinkering and then a push start by the passengers!

we journeyed to muang sing and rented bicycles to check out the border that is currently only open for lao and chinese citizens. it was an uphill battle and in the end i couldn't be bothered to pedal up the increasingly steep last 3 km! a day later we crossed into china legitimately.


laos 2008

i visited laos during the height of a particularly rainy season-it rained nearly every day so that everything was very green and pretty darn muddy. i found the people of this country to be super relaxed and kind which made for a very enjoyable month of travel.