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symbio wildlife park, sydney, australia

logistically, it was a bit of trouble to visit this park which is located 53 km south of sydney. however, it was worth the hassle: holding an olive boa constrictor, petting a sleepy little koala, and feeding kangaroos and other friends by hand!!! oh man.

my new german friend ralf and i had a really fun day meeting all these critters. i burned a lot of calories by laughing.

plus, if i am ever feeling sad i will just look at a kangaroo photo. then all will be right in the world...


sydney, australia miscellany

sydney is a crazy beautiful city: old buildings and cathedrals, beaches and coastline, opera house, fountains, gardens...i was amazed.

i was lucky to meet ralf who had the inside scoop on coaxing (with the help of an apple) cockatoos of the botanical garden onto your arm. we also saw the thousands of gigantic bats hanging in the trees-they have apparently taken over parts of the botanical garden. at dusk they fly over the harbor which is amazing to witness.

there are also many parks close to the city-we got to hike around in royal national park for part of the afternoon. theĀ  trees out that way are absurdly graceful!


this is why i went sydney, australia

well, maybe it's a silly reason to book a flight all the way to sydney but i really wanted to see the opera house with my own eyes. the result was that i was taking photos of it, along with the bay and bridge near enough every day! couldn't get enough. here are the results:


beaches of sydney, australia

when i was leaving the airport in bali, the woman checking my passport asked me where my australian visa was. like an idiot, i didn't think i needed a visa to visit australia and hadn't even bothered to check. walked back and forth for a bit and eventually the airline applied for my visa online. somehow the visa fee got paid for and not by me! woah. poor planning paid off for once....

was glad to have "saved" some money-sydney was wicked expensive! local transportation (trains, ferries, buses) were even more expensive than tokyo! i thought i would cut a corner by staying at the cheapest hostel i could find-mistake. all of the drunken young partypeoples really knew how to make noise and messes!

back on topic-i was completely taken aback by the beauty of sydney, starting from the first vistas from the plane. my first day out i walked the amazing coastal route between bondi and coogee beaches. ralf, my friend from the hostel, and i took a ferry over to manly beach for part of the day. visiting the beaches was truly a treat!