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sevilla, spain

spanish holiday!!! not disappointed to report the lack of crazytime. stayed at the delightful sevilla urbany hostel and met australian justin and americans mike and russell. between getting lost in maze-like sevilla, we visited the world's largest gothic cathedral, the real alcazar muslim quarters, some lovely gardens, a camera obscura (my favorite views were rooftop laundry lines blowing in the wind and the of theme park), the contemporary art museum, and some lovely gardens. got to eat tapas but have decided they're not for me (belly ache!!! shouldn't have ordered the fish)


beautiful madrid, spain

in all seriousness, i often couldn't decide which way to walk in madrid: the roads changed names often, if there was a system of roads i completely missed it, but most of all it was gorgeous in every direction!

in my short time in madrid, i was able to make it to the centro de arte reina sophia, home of picasso's guernica, among other famous modern artists and work. surrealism! the magnetic fields! cubism! installations! i felt so lucky to see such amazing art. very inspiring.

because i had an early morning flight to paris, i thought it'd be a good idea to overnight in the airport. if it wasn't the rumbling voice of the man talking incessantly for the entire night, it was screaming children so that i slept for about half an hour in total. for me-bad idea to sleep in the airport, although apparently it seems to work for many people...