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in and around paris, france

when jac was resting or at work i made it over to versailles and for a few excursions in beautiful paris.

thanks to jac for all of the gorgeous meals, for chats, for a great reunion!


second helping-paris, france

i looped back to paris to celebrate jac's birthday with jac and family! she was unfortunately experiencing neck pains so that the only dance party in existence was with little adam and yours truly. we did, however, watch lots of cooking shows which inspired some yummy coiffed meals! let's blame my weight gain on paris, ok?


jacqueline is the most beautiful creature

after much searching, jac and i were able to round up the perfect mask for some photographic adventures throughout paris. it was just like old times in a different place.


spoiled rotten by jacqueline in paris, france (vol.1)

it'd been way too long since dear jacqueline and i last met! she and i met in photo class back when she lived in california nine years ago-when we saw each other again it was as if no time had passed.

spent my 30th birthday with jac and adam, had a lovely lunch and dinner with lots of yummy desserts, and even met a gorilla under the eiffel tower! jac was a gracious host and completely spoiled me. my week and a half stay in paris was like a holiday from holiday-was great to rest up, see some astoundingly beautiful sights, do some cooking, and eat parisian food!

i had visited jacĀ  seven years prior and somehow failed to note just how incredibly gorgeous paris really is until now.


spoiled rotten by jacqueline in paris, france (vol.2)

jac, adam, and i attended the night of the museums, a special day where all of the museums are open until late and admission is free! le louvre was hectic and i finally got to see mona with my own eyes. she was far away. we only saw a fraction of the amazing collection, perhaps i will make it back someday.

before leaving paris i was able to meet up with lucky kit kat man thomas. we had met in nasca, peru a few months prior and it's always neat to see people in their home state. still in search of parisian friends sandra and clement! july perhaps?


paris/amsterdam 2001

this part of the world is wicked cold in the wintertime! went to visit my friend jacqueline in paris and even caught my friends' show in amsterdam.