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trying to keep a chin up in thailand 8/27-9/03


thailand 8/24-8/26

getting the heck out of bangkok was a relief! thailand is even more touristy than i had imagined. i was excited to not see any other foreign tourists on the local buses that i took to pak chong, although when everything is written in another language, one just has to hope that the bus drivers will remember to tell you when to get down!

when i arrived in pak chong i was a bit lost and asked for help from the only other tourist. he showed me to the only hotel in town and i bumped into him again the next morning en route to the national park. we ended up hitchhiking and trekking around various parts of the park which was amazing-we saw so many monkeys, horn bills, a gibbon, lots of butterflies, spiders, two piles of elephant poo, and met a whole bunch of leeches!

we spontaneously decided to rent equipment to camp overnight in the park. we saw lightning bugs, were accompanied by some increasingly drunk thai boys, and were almost robbed by a monkey of our breakfast (two bananas and some crackers)!

the next day we saw even more groups of monkeys, hitchhiked down (hitching here is thumbs down, not thumbs up), and took the slow train to bangkok. bart and i stared tirelessly out the window! that night we went straight from the train station to the thai boxing stadium- it was an amazing action packed day!


thailand 8/21-8/23

the past couple days have been action packed! leaving taiwan was another emotional experience. perhaps i just have a hard time saying goodbye sometimes.

my welcome to thailand was memorable-it took me some time to find a place to stay when i arrived. some gigantic drops began to fall so i found some shelter to cover my bags. immediately after, it began absolutely cats and dogs and i waited for 45 minutes of big big rain until i was ready to brave it. the streets were flooded shin-deep and i was really happy to have a waterproof camera and flip flops that floated! i went to the firsthotel where i met stefano and fabio who were also just arriving. the hotel ony had triple rooms available so it worked out perfectly. we're getting along nicely! i am so lucky!

today we visited chatuchak, the weekend market. the brochure touted being able to find all sorts of goods, including "fluffy dogs." believe it or not, i did find some little guys. i really enjoyed a nie thai iced tea and am loving the yummy thai noodles! we took the sky train metro and boat ferry back to our hotel and had a nice view of temples, wats, ppalaces, and bridges lit up at night.

it's pouring again right now! no camping in the national park like i had originally planned!