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achill island and neighborhood, ireland

lesley brought me on a big tour about the west coast of ireland. i loved the moody weather, lush green hills, and spray painted sheep.

we met lesley's lovely friends jean and connor on achill island where we had some nice adventures camping, hiking, surfing, swimming in the sea, barbequeing on the beach and enjoying traditional irish music at the local pub. how lucky i was have such a wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide! and authentic experience!


west coast: sligo area and galway, ireland

lesley had weekends off and we sallied forth on road trips. the first weekend we ventured as far north as donegal and visited all sorts of sites on the way: the megalithic cemetery of carrowmore, the grave of w.b. yeats, the surf town of bundoran, castles, and beaches.

the next weekend we met up with lesley's friends who took us out wakeboarding in galway! we were so excited about that, although i sure was sore afterward...


lesley! stewart! in dublin, ireland

i was so excited to meet up with lesley and stewart, a wonderful couple i had met in mongolia. they were the best hosts. we even went to see greyhound racing which made us laugh and laugh. lesley wasn't joking when she said they lived in a penthouse! what a treat it was to have my own room!

with all of the waterways, gorgeous architecture, bridges, parks and various free museums, dublin was a wonderful place to explore.