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lighthearted brighton, england

eve, the kindest lady, and i made the short hop to the seaside of brighton. eve and i had met in laos several years back under strange, adventurous circumstances and i was so pleased to see her again!

brighton reminded me much of santa cruz: the arcade, pier, trendy shops, and the sea, although brighton seemed a bit more classy. i really enjoyed our sweet day trip!


holy smokes in london, england

i thought london would be cool but wow is it cool. so far i've only hopped and skipped to/from london for a few days at a time but i'm blown away: various world class (free!) museums, architectural icons, multicultural cuisine, superfly metro, much to see and do.

it's been nice to see dear pranav in between cricket matches and his busy life. he and i met in bali last autumn on the way to a lovely seaside resort.

my californian pal chavez met me in london and we spent two days trolling around and then made our way to sweet belgium! that girl...