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vespa tour and more, belgium

annelies took a day off and we went for a grand tour along the tree lined canals near bruges and damme. so nice to know the locals! we had a day of great weather as well! we also ventured to the atlantic coast and ate pancakes mmm...


annelies in ghent, belgium

chavez and i met up with annelies in ghent-she picked us up from the train station and made us dinner. annelies and i traveled together in mexico and guatemala a few years back and i was lucky to have her put me up for a week. i was really impressed by the beauty of the architecture in belgium! i wasn't as impressed with the weather some days...


beautiful bruges, belgium

spent the first day with chavez in bruges...rained all day but we were impressed by the train system in belgium. the trains are fast, clean, frequent, and not terribly expensive! and we finally got chavez some mussels (not in brussels).

the remaining days i spent wandering around bruges and meeting annelies for her lunch break from work. was sure to eat lots of chocolates, waffles, frites, and ice cream in the meantime. was even able to meet pj for lunch one of the days-he returned home safely from his long overland journey from south africa! go peachy!


muscles in brussels, belgium

chavez and i took the bus from london to brussels and arrived early in the morning. we spent much time being lost in the station; it was a bus, train, tram, and metro station so it was difficult to figure out what was what! and anyone traveling to brussels please note that hostel and hotel check in begins at 2 pm! we were bummed about that. chavez eventually booked a nice place for us in the heart of brussels. we were absolutely astounded by the incredible architecture, particularly in the grand place and surrounding areas! mannequin pis was a bit of a disappointment though-he was so tiny and unimpressive...

we were also sure to get frites and waffles! chavez kept saying mussels in brussels but we waited until brugges to have some.