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granny’s house!!! schmiedhausen, germany

sophia brought me to her granny's farm house for the hops harvest. her cousins and auntie were hard at work harvesting hops for budweiser beer by anheuser busch. it was so special to visit her family and i was lucky to be around for the two weeks of harvest. despite a particularly stressful harvest (sophia's uncle had broken his leg badly and hospitalized for the duration of the harvest) her cousin was so kind to take us around and explain the process.

her granny then fed us homemade dessert bread and showed us books and books of correspondence and childrens' drawings she had collected through the years. what a sweetie! and, like an archetypal granny, she sent both sophia and me away with money. i tried to explain that just visiting her made me very happy but sophia advised that her granny wouldn't take no for an answer.

this visit was so special! thanks sophia!!!


sweet sophia! munich, germany

lovely sophia whom i had nice adventures with in jordan insisted i come to munich for a visit. she was just returning after seven months of internships and travel but was still energetic to show me her beautiful hometown! it was so nice to meet her friends, her sister julia, and the rest of her family. sophia and her family are great chefs! i was completely spoiled.

we arrived just before the start of octoberfest-apparently months are spent setting up/tearing down for this monsterous festival. the whole place was certainly gearing up! watched the assemblage progress of the ferris wheel and other rides. sophia and julia work as pretzel vendors each year and have interesting stories to tell...


vast berlin, germany

what a relief it was to arrive in berlin-the prices suited me! i even found some trader joe's products in the supermarkets...felt right at home. there's so much incredible art in vast berlin!!! (vast in history, vast geographically, vastly rich in culture) i especially liked the bauhaus archive.

after wandering around for a few days at my leisure i met up with felix, a german guy i met hitchhiking in the patagonia. he and his friends were just moving to berlin from hamburg so it was a few days of absolute mayhem.