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misadventuring in slovakia

from zakopane i made the short jaunt to slovakia in hopes of hiking in better weather. spent one night at a wacky hostel in zdiar, hiked in more very cold rain (there was snow in the mountains when i was leaving slovakia) and met some guys who were heading to bardajov, a place they called "toy town." i decided on a short whim to join them and thought i'd be able to make it back to zakopane that same day.

turned out toy town was a bust and the bus schedules were amazingly inconvenient all over the eastern side of the country! we spent most of the day on various buses, spent the night in an lukewarm hotel in kosice, enjoyed what we could of the place and in the morning we all headed separate directions. spent the whole next day on buses in order to connect back to poland! should have taken more photos of the many hours waiting for buses.

i enjoyed some cheap, tasty meals in slovakia and most of all loved finding a super awesome abandoned hotel from the pre-communist era. here are some slovak highlights: