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last stop! london, england

luckily i had pranav, eve and tom to bring cheer in london! i couldn't believe my journey was coming to a close!!!

pranav and i made it to an absolutely gorgeous opera show at the royal opera house and somehow got spoiled to seats in the royal box for the first act! (we arrived late) i was so impressed by the incredible costumes, sets, music, and voices! it was a grand night out. we also made it out to some great markets-loads of handmade crafts and trendies! thanks also to pranav cooked up lots of delicious food and let me crash at his place!

eve and i made it to the tower of london to see absolutely gigantic crown jewels (530 karat diamond?!!??) and lots of beefeaters, etc. dressed in their traditional outfits. our favorite moment was when some youngsters pointed out the bulbous privates of an armor...

i was also happy to meet tom, a funny guy who i had insane adventures with in laos several years ago. he had just arrived back from central america and moved to london-good timing! we made it to: the tate where we partook in a 3D project (which we later found was a class, oops), tea time, and thai food!

definitely ended the trip on a high note! thanks london and thanks friends!

thank you so much to everyone who made this trip a joyous one!!!

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lighthearted brighton, england

eve, the kindest lady, and i made the short hop to the seaside of brighton. eve and i had met in laos several years back under strange, adventurous circumstances and i was so pleased to see her again!

brighton reminded me much of santa cruz: the arcade, pier, trendy shops, and the sea, although brighton seemed a bit more classy. i really enjoyed our sweet day trip!


more of venice, italy

more photos from magical venice:


happy birthday jac! in venice, italy

i tagged along for jac's birthday excursion to venice! we knew it would be touristy but wow! holy smokes! i thought the place was magical despite the crowds: gorgeous architecture, so many boats, canals and waterways, bridges, squares...jac was the most impressed by the gargantuan cruise liners leaving port (one of which blasted classical music upon departure).

we had a hard time finding good eats in venice; one slice of pizza reminded me of grade school lunch in a bad way. almost all of the food was overpriced and mediocre! we did find one or two decent meals in four days but good gelato and creme caramel!


in and around paris, france

when jac was resting or at work i made it over to versailles and for a few excursions in beautiful paris.

thanks to jac for all of the gorgeous meals, for chats, for a great reunion!


second helping-paris, france

i looped back to paris to celebrate jac's birthday with jac and family! she was unfortunately experiencing neck pains so that the only dance party in existence was with little adam and yours truly. we did, however, watch lots of cooking shows which inspired some yummy coiffed meals! let's blame my weight gain on paris, ok?


granny’s house!!! schmiedhausen, germany

sophia brought me to her granny's farm house for the hops harvest. her cousins and auntie were hard at work harvesting hops for budweiser beer by anheuser busch. it was so special to visit her family and i was lucky to be around for the two weeks of harvest. despite a particularly stressful harvest (sophia's uncle had broken his leg badly and hospitalized for the duration of the harvest) her cousin was so kind to take us around and explain the process.

her granny then fed us homemade dessert bread and showed us books and books of correspondence and childrens' drawings she had collected through the years. what a sweetie! and, like an archetypal granny, she sent both sophia and me away with money. i tried to explain that just visiting her made me very happy but sophia advised that her granny wouldn't take no for an answer.

this visit was so special! thanks sophia!!!