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hike and bike, peru

because machu picchu had been closed for two months due to flooding, the train station was an absolute madhouse. after trying for some time to get train tickets, i decided to opt for a hike and bike tour. i felt dubious about taking another tour, especially after all of the bolivia insanity but it ended up being ok for the most part...

caught a lift by van to the highest point-from there most of us descended 2,000 meters by bicycle. it was very cold, foggy, and rainy at the top. the area is still currently working out landslide-ness and water issues so it was an exciting journey! by the time we got to the bottom of the valley it was sunny and warm. (but we were absolutely soaked!) from there i was so sad to leave my new friends but i had signed up for a 3 day tour and had to skip ahead a day to the next group.

by the end of picking everyone up in a public taxi, we had 9 people and loads of luggage crammed into a sedan. the insane one-lane, two-direction mountain roads made me think i had made the right decision to not pay for a tour on death road in la paz! i was getting a free sample all one point we were right at the edge of the cliff to let an industrial cami0neta by. at another point the driver kicked all the men (and me) out of the taxi and told us to run through the muddy landslide portion of the road (in the dark).

when i arrived in santa teresa and my guide wasn't there to meet me as promised, i felt finished for the day. by a giant stroke of chance, i met my new group when i was scrounging dinner-it was nice to join a small group of four instead of being in the previously giant group of 19! i had apparently missed a very insane day of hike/make-your-own-bridge-out-of-a-fallen-tree-to-cross-a-river-day!

the next day of hiking in the valley and along the railroad tracks was neat. it rained on and off and we rode two or three at a time on primitive cable cars in order t cross very gushing rivers!

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