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los pinos, minca, colombia

courtney knew of a great hostel up in the foothills of the mountains-a much needed break from the heat was welcomed. she and i had thought about taking a mountain bike tour in the area but after the gnarly motortaxi journey i was sure that was enough excitement. christian, a german scientist working on a documentary about scientists, was first in line by mototaxi. then courtney who was excited about being on a bike again, albeit she didn't get to drive. i'm pretty sure she did ask. then me. at first i was trying to take pictures from the back of the bike. i realized quickly that actually i needed to focus all of my energy on remaining a passenger of the mototaxi. the roads were super rough, uphill, rocky, muddy, uneven and the experience for me was absolutely terrifying.

the payoff was arriving at ed's great hostel in los pinos with the famous oversized hammock. we caught a great sunset and amazing thunderstorm. the power went out so that we were powered by candlelight and surrounded by great people.

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