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coffee plantation, minca, colombia

the los pinos hostel had just recently relocated so that our group of 5 were the first visitors of the vast plantation of cafe j.s. jose suescun. it took us quite an effort to keep up with our guide, a 70-year-old man with a giant machete. he took us up and down the hills and showed us many perimeters of the farm and even cut down fresh bananas for us to eat. he also showed us the processing facility where they process 30,000-40,000 kilos of coffee beans each fall harvest. it was yet another instance in which i wished my spanish were better so that i could really understand the process and all that it entails.

later we were able to try the coffee, meet the family, and even meet their pet rodent. they all insisted that i sit on their horse-they went to the trouble of putting a saddle on the horse for some photos. it was so special to have what felt like an insider perspective on this sweet farm and family.

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