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on keeping my bags, colombia and beyond

all the buses in south america play super violent movies.

so at first i didn't think much of the fact that a homeless man got pushed into me right when i got down from the bus. a mob started beating him in the stairs of the bus. then i realized what was actually happening.

i tried to stay out of the way and avoided the urge to photograph the scene, especially because i still needed my big backpack from the lower storage. much to my dismay the bus started leaving the scene-i yelled, then i ran alongside the bus and yelled some more, then i sprinted and yelled. the engine overpowered my yells. i had three consecutive flights to catch and eventually the bus stopped and obliged giving me my bag. i am pretty sure with all the commotion they had forgotten.

after much runaround i eventually made it to the airport in baranquilla where i connected to bogota. upon my return to the united states, i picked my bags up again for customs. somehow i was selected for the full bag inspection. the agent asked me ambiguous questions like "are you carrying anything for anyone?" to which i responded "nooooooo." then he asked "so, you're not bringing gifts for anyone?" "yeeeeees." after sifting through everything, he let me through and i checked my bag again.

upon my return to san francisco, my bag was missing from the carousel. i waited for an hour. i later found out that my bag had been screened once again and missed the connecting flight. i left my information and cell phone number at baggage services and expected my bag to be delivered that night. my dear friend picking me up forgot that she had my cell phone so that the drop wasn't possible....eventually i got my bag back. whew!

what a journey it's been.

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