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santiago and valparaiso, chile

i was off to a rough start in chile. i didn't exactly realize that 'reciprocity fee" was going to mean having to pay $131 to enter chile! the bus driver from the airport was particularly unfriendly and after i finally found a place to stay i went out for a bite to eat. wasn't sure what i would get when i ordered a vegetarian "completo" but heck it was veg. ended up with a giant hot dog bun, chopped tomatoes, a layer of smashed avocado, and a gigantic squiggle of mayonnaise. no!

in santiago i met andrew, an aussie who then introduced me to his crew  of english cats: matt, mike, ben and john. one of their main missions while traveling is to get butt naked in beautiful places and make photos of such endeavors. somehow i got wrangled into being the photographer and we all justify it by saying "it's for the children" (?) the boys are making a calendar which they will sell in order to raise money for an argentinian orphanage where matt and mike volunteered at.

we celebrated ben's 25th birthday in valparaiso and ate lots of cake. t'was a wonderful day at the beach.

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